The Artist and the Astronaut Invite You to an Art Sale

Sunderland Studio Art Sale  August 22-24   10 Am to 5 PM

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Two New Exhibits

There is alot going on in our creative lives. The New England traveling exhibit “Our Fragile Home” opened at the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Gallery at College of the Holy Cross on June 6th. It is a beautiful installation, there was a well attended reception and Jerry and Pat did a gallery talk to an attentive audience. Jerry showed slides of the earth from space pointing out the ways nature and mankind contribute to pollution and destruction of our planet. Pat showed the artwork in progress and discussed how it also “spoke” about the condition of our earthly home and the need to protect it. Our Fragile Home  will be at the Cantor until July 25 and then it will begin its middle America tour from 2014-2016 to Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.

Fragile Home at Holy Cross

On June 20th Pat will be featured in a two person exhibit entitled “Pulsation” at the Chaffee Art Museum’s new gallery space in downtown Rutland, Vermont.She will have four wall sculptures from past series on display.

Pulsation exhibit at the Chaffee


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Musick and Kunin at the Edgewater Gallery

Tree Collage #1



Saturday, March 29  Edgewater Gallery celebrates Woman’s Identity Month with a gala event featuring Pat Musick and Madeleine Kunin, former Governor of Vermont. “All this month the Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury Vermont has displayed works by  Pat Musick in an exhibit titled The Instant of It All’ inspired by the poetry of Boris Pasternak. The Manchester Center environmental artist here addresses aging and the life cycle with collage, wall sculpture and paper works utilizing natural materials. Though the artwoek will be on  view through April, the Gallery is closing out  its Woman’s Identity Month Lecture Series with a special program this Saturday, March 29. Musick, a 2013 Governor’s Honoree will talk about her forty year career in ‘A Common Language: Louise Bourgeois, Clyde  Connell, Toshiko Takaezu and Pat Musick.’ Also on the program  is former Governor Madeleine Kunin whose talk is titled ‘The Unfinished business of the Women’s Movement.’ ”

excerpt from Seven Days, March 21-April 1, 2014, Vol.19 No.30

Pat Musick Lecture at Edgewater Gallery


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Addition to the Fragile Home Exhibit

At the request of Curator Mara Williams Oates, we created an additional sculpture (this time for out doors) to add to the Our Fragile Home exhibit for the Brattleboro Museum run (until February 9, 2014. It is titled The Words Were All the Same and makes reference to the fact that space travelers all use the same words to describe the experience of viewing our planet from outer space for the first time…a theme of the exhibit. Notice on the white stones which represent the planets that you can see the “terminator.” That is the fine line that separates day from night as you move across the orb.

We believe that if people from greatly different backgrounds, culture, language, religion, and politics can see a stimulus in the same way…in this case as a fragile, valuable object in need of protection…that there is hope that vision and language will help us to address the problems of the world and provide us with a basis for resolving them.

We are very excited that after this tour ends in 2014 the exhibit will continue on to Alabama, Arkansas and Texas. And who knows…it may go on from there. Our thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of our efforts. It has definitely been a joint experience!!!



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Tuscany, Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Harvest in Tuscany

Although a month has passed since we left Tuscany and all there that is so dear, it seems like an instant away. The memories are as vivid as the purple grapes sagging from the vine. This was a spectacular year. We started driving south from the airport for the first time in years and took Cathy to some of our wonderful past memory places. We drove to Naples and stayed first in Herculaneum visiting the ruins of Vesuvius’ horrendous eruption long ago. Then to the peace and dark night beauty of Paestum, the ancient Greek ruins. Then on the precipitous Amalfi Drive to Amalfi where we enjoyed, fish and more fish, the village, history, art, hand made paper and the glorious Don Alphonso restaurant in Sant Agata sui due Golfi.

After five days we journeyed North to Pergine and were once again reunited with Marina and Francesco, our dear friends (and landlords!) What a wonderful couple. We are

Marina and Francescoso blessed to have them for friends.

So we had two wonderful weeks doing our favorite haunts. Our granddaughter Jenny joined us for ten days and we got to see Italy through her young eyes. What a thrill. Coltibuono, La Verna, Monsanto, Monterchi, Arezzo, Pienza, Mont Oliveto, the country side, picnics, wine tasting…the whole beautiful thing! Cathy took her to Florence and Siena, while Jerry and I loafed, cooked, lunched and read.

A highlight of the trip was getting to show the book to three of the people whose venues are featured. Laura Bianchi of the winery Castello di Monsanto, Roberto Stucci Prinetti of Coltibuono and Mariangela Betti, Director of the Museo Civico in Sansepolcro, where some of Piero’s important works are housed. what wonderful responses I got…so gratifying and encouraging. Each has written a great statement for the book jacket.

We closed visiting Castello di Montegufoni, one of the places where, during World War II, the great art treasures of Florence were hidden, to keep them from being stolen by the Germans, or blown up by the advancing allies. We stood in the ballroom where long ago Botticelli’s Primavera leaned against a wall and marveled at the whole story of that effort to save Florence’s patrimony. Today you can stand in the Ufizzi before the Botticelli and think about the journey she made in an old truck, over dirt roads in the dark of night to her resting place for the duration of the war.

And, as always, we must say “Ciao.” It is so difficult. But as long as we can dream and plan, Jerry, Cathy and I have committed to do just that. Another year, another airplane, another trip to say, “Buon giorno” to Tuscany.


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Heady Week!!!

What a wonderful week with two openings back to back. First we drove on Thursday to the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport, CT for the second opening of the Our Fragile Home tour and then  the next day to Springfield, VT to the Great Hall for an exhibit titled Earth As Muse where we are showing with four other fabulous artists.

Our daughter Cathy met and shared the Fragile Home exhibit, where, as frequently happens, tearful responses filled our hearts. This work is so deeply meaningful to those who  struggle with the notion of our planet’s fight to survive. It is the greatest reward to have a viewer take one’s work into the heart and give it back. We had many who came, “just because they had read the review” so you can imagine we were pleased by the media exposure.

Pat and Fragile Home at the Housatonic Museum

Robin Zella, the museum director, who did a stunning installation, was a gracious host for a very special evening in our lives. It is wonderful to see how  each curator reacts and then blends the work into their own visual interpretation. We look forward to the next two venues on the tour, the Brattleboro Art Center and Museum and the Cantor Gallery at the College of the Holy Cross. And, good news, we have three bookings in the mid-west in Alabama, Arkansas and Texas as the beginning of the second traveling tour in 2014-15!!!

The exhibit at the Great Hall is in wonderful synergy with Our Fragile Home. It too is concerned with the Earth, its fragility, balance and order expressed through the device of muse. Fran Bull, Jenny Swanson, Richard Weis, Harry Rich and I each have a series of work on display in the giant old gear factory space reinvented as Vermont’s best venue for showing large scale art. I have older work from the Epilogue series which you may remember from its 1990s tours, and one piece from the first decade of this century pictured here. Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

Ra from the Great Hall

Ra and the Epilogues speak of my concern for the forces that destroy the environment, both nature or human. In the aftermath or epilogue of such destruction, new life, new growth begins and the world is restored. Out of adversity comes a chance for new beginnings. This work will show until April 4 2014. Come by to see all of us!

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The Instant of it All

July 30, 2013

The Instant of it All #1


It is hard to believe that a month has passed since our wonderfully exciting opening at the Governor’s Gallery in Montpelier adjacent to the Capitol Building where my art work is featured from July through September. The  series, created especially for this exhibit, is titled “The Instant of it All”, inspired by Boris Pasternak’s poetry…

“For life is only an instant…the dissolving of oneself into the selves of others as if bestowing a gift.”

The works use images of trees as a metaphor for the aging process. The exhibit is comprised of  large scale collage works on Japanese Kozo paper  smaller abstract wall sculptures and free standing sculptures of steel, bronze, and alabaster emulating birth in the total cycle. The art occupies the small intimate and warm space outside the Governor’s office where it seems perfectly at home and comfortable. There were many comments of “It must have been created for the place” at the opening on July 9th. And indeed a glow of belonging emanates from the walls. The trees appear to be floating in space. They are rootless. They levitate somewhere between earth and heaven and are a meditation.

We were so pleased that all three of my daughters, Cathy, Mindy and Laurie were able to attend.



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Earth As Muse

August 8, 2013

We are getting ready to install at the Great Hall in Springfield, Vermont and excited about participating in a group show in this wonderful space. The exhibit, entitled “Earth as Muse” opens September 5, 2013 and runs through May of 2014. The building is a renovated factory and the gallery is a huge open space with lots of walls to house large scale works. Perfect for the Epilogue series which addresses the “earth” theme with its emphasis on the rebirth of the earth after a natural disaster. I will show three Epilogue works and also “Ra”…a vision of the sun. The work is crated, the truck is hired and we are ready! More later…

Earth as Muse

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Artscope Blast Article

Void and Thought Streams

Our Fragile Home

From Artscope Blast, May 9, 2013

Have you ever wondered what our planet looks like from outer space, amid all the blackness and countless stars? The upcoming exhibition at the Southern Vermont Arts Center will give you a good visual for just that kind of view. Our Fragile Home consists of twenty-nine sculptures and works on paper that were inspired by the words that astronauts from many nations used when viewing the earth for the first time from outer space. Over the last four years, in collaboration with her husband Jerry Carr, a NASA astronaut and commander of Skylab 4, Pat Musick has thought deeply about how she as an artist could convey the feelings expressed about our planet from a bird’s eye view. The eight words shared by viewers–fragile, beauty, harmony, balance, protect, sustain, nurture and steward–are the underlying concepts expressed and explored in Musick/Carr‘s exhibit. Using stone, wood, beeswax, paper, glass, steel, bronze and Lexan (the plastic in

Exhibit Title and Poem

the astronauts’ helmets), Musick strives for what she describes as “a visual balance – harmony out of tension between elements.” Her intention is to make an order out of the chaotic elements of our world and find a resolution of peace. Our Fragile Home will be on view from Saturday, May 18th through Sunday, July 14th in the Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 18th from 3-5pm. This exhibit kicks off its eighteen-month tour at SVAC this month. It then follows in September-October 2013 at the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport, CT. From December-February 2014 the work will be seen at the Brattleboro Museum of Art in Vermont and ends at the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA in June 2014.

Comfort SVAC installation


Comfort by Pat Musick and Jerry Carr, Kozo paper, acrylic, beeswax.


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Yesterday afternoon over 200 people attended the grand opening event and “launch” of Our Fragile Home at the Southern Vermont Art Center where it will be seen through July 15. What a lovely success…based on comments about the sensitivity, beauty, soulfulness of what people viewed. It was truly an artist’s reward for twenty years of imagining and four years of labor. One woman actually cried tears of joy.

From SVAC it travels to three other venues  through 2014. This exhibit which exhorts us to take care, nurture and respect our fragile planet contains a message that has universal appeal. Based on the inspiration of the words space travelers use to describe their first view of the earth from outer space, it is a testament to a world view and understanding of how vulnerable we all are. We hope you are able to see it sometime in the next two years.

On Thursday night a private viewing and champagne party was held for all of our Kickstarter supporters who generously contributed to the beautiful catalog that accompanies the exhibition.

Ad From Sculpture Magazine May-June

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