Trip to Italy

We’re on our way to Italy for, what has become, our yearly infusion!! We stay in the village of Pergine, south east of Florence in a lovely villa, appropriately named Casa di Vignolo, where we can sit on the porch and sip chianti and watch the Tuscan skies. Church bells, pigeon songs, and my husband’s coffee wake me every morning and we begin our days adventures. First is the daily shopping. We follow the village women to the baker, butcher and frutta/verdure to buy our days supplies, then, hit the road.

These visits allow me the time to pursue a newfound love…the art of Piero della Francesca. A famous 15th century geometrician, his art was only recently “discovered” by more than the few artists and art historians that had been inspired by him. His most famous fresco cycle resides in the church of San Francesco in Arezzo, only twenty minutes from our village. I have been so inspired that I am writing a book about him, and Tuscany and my adventures there over the past forty-five years. So I am able to do more research and photography while having all that Italian fun.

We visit the large cities famous for Renaissance artwork, Florence, Siena, but mostly we stay in the country and find the endless treasures that exist in small village museums and churches. We eat the wonderful Tuscan food, watch grapes and olives being harvested, and buy from the farmer at the foot of our hill. We drive the Chianti hills and see the seasons…visit the homes of Michelangelo, Giotto and da Vinci. We find out of the way restaurants with food fit for the duke that must have owned the castle on the hill, revel in the ubiquitous flowers in fields, wildly, or tamed in terra cotta pots.

I will return, inspired, with a head and heart full of beautiful imagery. Who knows where it will go…

About Pat Musick

For all of my life (since I was four), I have made art. Using my hands to create artwork is a privilege and a joy. If the art has a sense of peace...a zen feeling, then I have succeeded in my desire to make work that is harmonious and whole. In order to achieve that goal, the art must be experienced. This website will provide that encounter and introduces you to my sculpture, paintings and drawings that span a forty year period. You will be able to see from whence I came, the changes over time and where I am going today. There has been much growth. I began as a painter and transitioned to wall sculpture, then free standing works. Over the years, I have retained my interest in two dimensions by making works on paper. The art moved from expressionistic to abstract to conceptual and has undergone a steady reduction to simpler elements and media. The materials I use are stone, steel, wood, canvas and kozo paper and beeswax. Stone, wood, and beeswax reflect the natural world and steel, canvas and paper, the human. My artistic goal is to express the relationship between mankind and the environment and the tensions we exert upon each other. I search for resolution and reconciliation. I find it in the process of rebirth and renewal. From the natural world process of regeneration, I have learned that from adversity comes the chance for new beginnings. I make both large and small, indoor and outdoor sculpture and works on paper. My work is represented in the permanent collections of over fifty museums and public spaces in the country. I have MA and PhD degrees from Cornell University and I am the author of four books. I am represented by MK Fine Arts, Andover, New Hampshire, West Branch Gallery, Stowe, Vermont, Edgewater Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont and in the Fall, 2011 The Clark Gallery, Lincoln, Massachusetts.
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  1. Hi,
    We really enjoyed the report on your trip to Italy…we’re on our way! Just kidding .
    Pat, your work is so beautiful. Both of you have inspired us today. Thank you for
    a wonderful “wondering through” Italy, your gallery and your home.
    See you at the Cape.
    Patty and Scott

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